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Title: All The Air The Same
Rating: PG
Pairing: Pinto
Disclaimer: Lies!
Notes/Summary: I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] smutjunkie's prompt here - 'Zach misses Chris' - after it sort of became a meme due to the multiplicity of fills. I couldn't resist playing. :)

Eleven o'clock at night, Los Angeles time )

Title: Between Takes
Pairing: Shatner/Kelley. Yes. Bill/De. Sort of.
Rating: Completely, totally PG.
Disclaimer: Well, this scene as it reads here, I made up.
Notes/Summary: Well, so this picture happened. And coming on top of all the stuff in the biographies of DeForest about how Bill apparently kissed him all the time, PLUS De's repeated stealth-kissing attempts in the blooper reels, etc, I just had to write this.Totally innocent,De-is-still-monogamous-and-lovely!Bill/De to go with the picture. Mostly banter.

'You gonna light that thing, or just stand there with it stuck to your lip like Stan Laurel?' )

This post mostly for archiving purposes, so feel free to skip! Both of these have previously been posted elsewhere.
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Title: Going Up
Pairing: Pinto (!)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Didn't happen.
Notes: Wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] smutjunkie - who on the kinkmeme requested elevator sex - largely in ironic celebration of the fact that she no longer completely hates Shatner. And thus I produced my first Trek RPF that does not feature either Nimoy or Shatner, and is not femslash.
Summary: Elevators are for sex. Short-short (911 words).

Eighteen storeys, and Chris needs the seventeenth )
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Accidentally posted this at [livejournal.com profile] pinto_fic instead of putting it here and linking to it, as is my usual practice. This post is mainly for archiving purposes.

Title: A Small Token of Our Appreciation
Pairing: *small cough* Er. Zach/Chris/Leonard. Ish. Established relationship Pinto + Leonard, more like.
Rating: NC-17 like burning, I fear.
Disclaimer: These are lies, lies, lies.
Notes/Warnings: Ohhhhh, you know it's bad when this section is massive. Ah, well: I'll begin.

I wrote this for a prompt on the kinkmeme, here. The prompt was 'Pinto sucking off Nimoy', which about sums this up. It is (sort of) a sequel to a Zach/Leonard ficlet also found in that thread, Snails and Oysters, and while you don't need to read that to understand this - since this is, effectively, just porn - I highly recommend it, because it's excellent.

In other news: there are POV shifts herein, and not necessarily changing where the breaks are, in case that throws you off.

Note: this is not Shatnoy. There is no Shatner herein. (Okay, okay: I mentioned him. So shoot me.) I was just darting about the kinkmeme, and it was very late, and this somehow got written. Oh, the odd and interesting pairings it is making me write!

*deep breath* All right. Anyone still with me?

I think I knew they'd gotten together approximately two days after it happened  )

Well, I feel dirty now. *facepalm* Don't kill me.

And now, back to the various and incredibly awesome Shatnoy prompts people were kind enough to give me in my 'what to write' thread.
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Title: Cutting Diamonds
Author: [livejournal.com profile] obstinatrix
Pairing: Pinto
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,519
Summary/Notes: This is, at very long last, the sequel to After My Own Heart. It took me ages and ages and ages to do because they just would not co-operate, and then Leonard went a bit mad and started doing totally random things without my consent, and just, argh. So I'm posting it as is, although I'm not necessarily completely happy with it, because otherwise I'll just never post it at all, and it's cost me too much blood, sweat and tears for that to be allowed to happen.

Short summary: After his conversation with Zach about his feelings for Chris, Leonard's impatient to know what the result will be. This is it.

Quietude is a virtue born with age )
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This was written in response to a demand on the kinkmeme for a sequel to The One Where They Watch Star Trek. Thus, more voyeuristic Shatnoy-through-Pinto porn came to be, because how could I resist?

None of this happened. Massively NC-17. You have been warned.

it turns out that old-school Star Trek is better than porn )
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I'm a little bit nervous about posting this, as it's my first foray into Pinto, and comes via a prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] trek_rpf_kink meme which I almost entirely failed to correctly fill. Anyway, please be gentle.

Title: [untitled]
Pairing: Pinto (front and centre), Nimoy/Shatner (discussed)
Rating: hard R
Summary: Pinto watch TOS through slash-goggles, with the inevitable result.
Disclaimer: Everything herein is utter nonsense fabricated by my own good self.

so this is Friday night in LA  )


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