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Title: No Tell Motel
Pairing: Sam/Cas(/Dean)
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~1000
Summary: "He's watching you," Sam says. For 31 Little Abominations over at [livejournal.com profile] sassy_otp.

time to lower the tone )
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Title: Five by Five
Pairing: Shatnoy
Rating Holy NC-17, Batman.
Summary: Written a very, very long time ago for a prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] shatnoy_rpf kinkmeme for Len fisting Bill circa TOS-era. And...yeah.
Warnings: See summary. Utterly without plot.
Disclaimer: This absolutely did not happen, and never ever will.
Notes: I'm posting this as part of a self-declared Embarrassment Amnesty day. It's been hanging around anonymously on the kinkmeme for months, but I think, in the months since I wrote it, I've ceased to be as embarrassed by fisting as I perhaps should be.

It started out almost as a joke )
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Title: Oneupmanship
Rating: NC-17. Bang go my attempts at R-rated porn.
Pairing: Shatnoy. NEEDS MOAR.
Summary: Their games of oneupmanship are not limited to onset pranks. Warning for (fairly mild) bondage themes.
Disclaimer: This is a lie made of lies, wrapped up in more lies and deposited in Lieville.
Notes: Many people get the blame for this, although some of them may be surprised to hear it. Among them, [livejournal.com profile] starcrossedgirl, for reasons which should be obvious to her, and [livejournal.com profile] screamlet for Bill in handcuffs being my first mental image this morning.

I don't think the bed was made to withstand this kind of treatment. )
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Title: Why Bill Is Glad Leonard Is Not A Vulcan, Reason #4,678
Rating: thoroughly PG
Pairing: Shatnoy
Warnings/Notes: This was written for a prompt that simply said EPIC CUDDLAGE, with the elaboration 'as fluffy as possible'. Effectively. So, take that as a warning, if you will, that this has no redeeming value whatsoever.

Bill doesn't know whether he's reading too much into this )

Title: [untitled]
Pairing: Bill/Nichelle. Or, er, Nichelle/Bill, if we're doing it that way. And kind of Kirk/Spock...? In my head, there's an obvious undercurrent of as-yet-unconsummated Shatnoy, but that might just be me.
Rating: NC-17 like whoah.
Disclaimer: Dear GOD, am I sure this is a lie.
Warnings/Notes: The prompt for this was 'Nichelle pegging Bill', which is, I suppose, a warning in itself. The actuality of it is that Nichelle always says what she means, and when she says she's going to teach Bill some respect, she damn well means it. Filthy, filthy porns.

Nichelle believes in the brutal power of accuracy )
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Title: An Accomplished Photographer
Pairing: Leonard/Zach (straightforwardly. This is not Pinto or Shatnoy, guys.)
Disclaimer: God, these are SUCH massive lies I hardly know where to look.
Warnings/Notes: Massive lies. Possible ooc-ness. OTP-fuckery. Written for a kinkmeme prompt that specified simply a desire for Leonard to take photographs of Zachary Quinto, nude. Nods were made in the thread to the fanon of the Quinto photographer-fetish. I'm afraid I added the porn myself.
Summary: Leonard takes photographs of Zachary. Zachary likes to be photographed.

This is archived here for completion's sake, like everything else. These random prompt fills are what I do when I'm bored and insomniac.

I'm an accomplished photographer. )

So, er, yes. I think this qualifies as crack.
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Title: The Director's Cut
Pairing: Shatnoy
Rating: NC-17. Please note that this is the first thing I have written for a while that isn't actually pure porn, but - yes. Still NC-17. (Fail, self.)
Disclaimer: God, if this happened, I will personally shoot the person who knew and didn't film it.
Summary/Notes: This is for [livejournal.com profile] starcrossedgirl. It is a very, very belated fill of her kinkmeme prompt, here. This picture, on which Leonard looks very irritated, served as inspiration. Essentially, she wanted Leonard being very angry with Bill after Bill's impromptu decision to throw everyone into the water at the end of The Voyage Home, and subsequent shower-based making-up. Essentially, that is what I've written.
Warnings: Parts of this may possibly be read as dub-con, but I say this only to be very safe. Probably none, really, unless I need to warn for middle-aged man!sex.

From inside the room, there was only a stubborn silence )
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Accidentally posted this at [livejournal.com profile] pinto_fic instead of putting it here and linking to it, as is my usual practice. This post is mainly for archiving purposes.

Title: A Small Token of Our Appreciation
Pairing: *small cough* Er. Zach/Chris/Leonard. Ish. Established relationship Pinto + Leonard, more like.
Rating: NC-17 like burning, I fear.
Disclaimer: These are lies, lies, lies.
Notes/Warnings: Ohhhhh, you know it's bad when this section is massive. Ah, well: I'll begin.

I wrote this for a prompt on the kinkmeme, here. The prompt was 'Pinto sucking off Nimoy', which about sums this up. It is (sort of) a sequel to a Zach/Leonard ficlet also found in that thread, Snails and Oysters, and while you don't need to read that to understand this - since this is, effectively, just porn - I highly recommend it, because it's excellent.

In other news: there are POV shifts herein, and not necessarily changing where the breaks are, in case that throws you off.

Note: this is not Shatnoy. There is no Shatner herein. (Okay, okay: I mentioned him. So shoot me.) I was just darting about the kinkmeme, and it was very late, and this somehow got written. Oh, the odd and interesting pairings it is making me write!

*deep breath* All right. Anyone still with me?

I think I knew they'd gotten together approximately two days after it happened  )

Well, I feel dirty now. *facepalm* Don't kill me.

And now, back to the various and incredibly awesome Shatnoy prompts people were kind enough to give me in my 'what to write' thread.
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This came from the kinkmeme. That's sort of shorthand for It Came From Hell, with me, on many occasions, and this one certainly.

Title: Saturday, 3.37 p.m.
Pairing: Leonard/Bill/Heather Locklear. Yeah. I don't know.
Rating: NC-17, although probably mild NC-17
Disclaimer: AHAHAHAHA. Er. LIES.
Notes/Summary: I wrote this for a kinkmeme prompt here. Anon had just discovered that Bill and Heather were longtime friends, and requested a threesome. So, here is an unconvincing, TJ Hooker-era threesome. Heather walks in on mansex. Cue intrigue.

Her first thought is that Bill's got a woman in the house )
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Title: The Imaginative Factor
Pairing: Shatnoy
Rating: NCC-1701 like the Enterprise, baby.
Disclaimer: Never ever ever happened; never will.
Warnings/Notes: This is a short and plotless fic about rimming. Basically. Yes, I went there. Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

a little imagination never hurt anyone  )
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Eh. I'm only posting this here for completion's sake. I'm really not that keen on it and I'm not actually sure why I wrote it. I don't do femslash, and this is literally and completely without plot.

Pairing: Nichelle Nichols/Majel Barrett
Rating: NC-17 like whoah
Notes: written in response to this prompt on the kinkmeme: Gene and Majel have an understanding and Majel seduces Nichelle by wearing something unexpected (author's choice - dildo, lacy panties, guy's underwear, or even nothing are some options but if you have other thoughts, go for it) under the Starfleet mini-dress.
Disclaimer: *harsh laugh* Er. If I'd been clever, I'd have winched something in here about how these ladies didn't even get along very well, let alone do this. Although I guess that, in the world of slash, not getting along means 'they had hatecrush sex', right?

Afterwards, Nichelle could never say exactly how she'd known. )

Weeeelll, that was a departure. Needs more cock Shatnoy.


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